GIR team Irene Lorenzo Gómez

Irene Lorenzo Gómez

Position: PhD Research Fellow (PI14/01324), ISCIII.

BSc Biology, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
PhD Research Fellow (Grant PI14/01324), ISCIII.


My name is Irene Lorenzo Gómez and I studied biology at University of Santiago de Compostela and then, I studied a Master Degree at University of A Coruña in fundamentals of biomedical research. Nowadays, I am a PhD student at the Cartilage Biology Unit at which I had recently joined to, and it is belong to Rheumatology Research Group at The Institute of Biomedical Research of A Coruña (INIBIC).

My research focuses on understanding how type 2 diabetes contribute to Osteoarthritis pathogenesis by defects in cellular homeostasis, particularly in autophagy, throughout a genetic and metabolic screening study in blood and serum samples of patients with OA and OA-T2D. This molecular profile would lead us to discover and identify new biomarkers related to autophagy which leads to a better and more efficient definition of Diabetes-associated OA phenotype, aimed at patient´s stratification, and could facilitated the development of new therapeutic strategies to prevent joint damage associated with Type 2 diabetes.

Irene Lorenzo Gómez.