Patents & PI

Patents & PI


Method for Osteoarthritis Diagnosis:

Authors: FJ Blanco, C Ruiz Romero, C Fernández Costa, JL Capelo Martínez, F Fernández Riverola, M Reboiro Jato

Nº: P201431445

Date Priority: 01/10/2014

Rights Owner: SERGAS / UVigo / FPNS

Priority Country: ES/ PCT EU

Genetic Markers for Osteoarthritis:

Authors: J Escaich, J Vergés, R Alonso, L Montell, H Martínez, M Herrero, FJ Blanco, A Martínez, D Tejedor, M Artieda, N Bartolomé, C Casley

Nº:  1304614.9

Date Priority:  14/03/2013


Priority Country:  GB

Targeting A Specific Receptor On Cells With A Specific Compound For Use In The Treatment And/Or The Prevention Of Osteoarthritis And Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Authors: MD Mayán Santos, FJ Blanco, GS Goldberg, PC Fernández, RG Fuentes

Nº:  US 61/842.195

Date Priority: 02/07/2013

Rights Owner: UDC / FPNS

Priority Country: USA

Molecular Block-Matching Method for Gel Image Analysis:

Authors: A Pazos, J Dorado, FJ Blanco, J Pereira, JR Rabuñal, C Ruiz-Romero, JA Seoane, AM Freire, E Fernández, A Rodríguez, C Fernández, AB Porto, CR Munteanu

Nº:  US 61/478.533

Date Priority:  24/4/2011

Rights Owner: UDC / FPNS

Priority Country: USA


I wanna be a scientist when I grow up

Type: Intellectual Property

Title: I wanna be a scientist when I grow up (Original Title: De mayor quiero ser… científica)

Authors: Joana Cristina Silva Magalhães

Exp: 03/2016/1308

Registration Number: C-364-2016

Date: 26/09/2016

Rights Owner: Fundación Profesor Novoa Santos

Priority Country: Spain